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Until Tomorrow, Then (2010)
Shaun Hamill (writer and director)

A short film about a young mathematician obsessed with working out the "rate the universe is running down" so that he can determine time that the universe will end.

One of the two other characters in the film is his girlfriend, who at first finds his gifts with the symbol for infinity on them to be romantic, but later leaves when she realizes that he is refusing an offer to "go back to the university" and just spends all of his time on his "project".

The other character is a professor (not clear to me if he is a colleague at the university where the main character worked or one of his former professors) who says that he thinks the computations are wrong, and also that someone smarter (who "drinks champagne and is paid to be smart") would have figured it out first if it were true.

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Mathematical Content:
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3.67/5 (3 votes)

MotifMental Illness, Academia, Future Prediction through Math, Romance,
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