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Continuity (1999)
Buzz Mauro
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Note: This work of mathematical fiction is recommended by Alex for literati.

This short story cleverly uses the epsilon-delta definition of continuity of a function to discuss the changing self-esteem of a character over time. After briefly recalling the rigorous definition, it introduces Thomas Henneck's "self-esteem function" and tells his life story in remarks such as

(quoted from Continuity)

Tom's highest recorded self-esteem rating occurred when he was 10.4398679 years old. He had recently been voted president of the fifth grade, been invited to a party by Mark Davis, failed a math test, seen a picture of a dissected cat, had lasagna for dinner, and been praised by his teacher for his diligence in washing his hands. His self-esteem rating was 51.043.

and ponders philosophical questions such as

(quoted from Continuity)

Can the graph of Tom's self-esteem values be drawn without lifting the pencil from the page? Is there indeed a delta for every epsilon? Or, on the other hand, is it possible to jump from one self-esteem value to another without hitting the values in between, leaving holes in the graph, rifts in the stream of cause-and-effect? Can one love oneself one instant and hate oneself the next, or must there be a steady decline?

Based on my knowledge of the rest of Mauro's writings, I agree with his comments when he wrote to me:

Contributed by Buzz Mauro

It's probably the most mathematical of all my stories in some ways. (Also the least traditional as far as plot goes.)

Published in Columbia, Issue 32, Summer 1999.

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TopicAnalysis/Calculus/Differential, Real Mathematics,
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