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A Frayed Knot (2009)
Felix Culp

Culp takes a classic mystery by Poe and retells it with knotted ropes taking the place of people. For example:

(quoted from A Frayed Knot)

Tyler Trefoil was a Bowline knot....Salty-fibered seafaring knots such as Trefoil - as the reader surely knows - are rarely given to any meaningful degree of introspection. More often they will simply fray slowly, slowly, until one day the either come apart at the fibers, or slip, or are undone, having served their purpose unquestioningly. But, for a common sailors' knot, Trefoil possessed an uncommon disposition. A disposition which created in him a rare inquisitiveness, an analytical bent, and a certain contrarian (And often heretical) perspective as he considered at length the knot condition.

In addition to the puns and parody of philosophy ["the strict Kelvinists" (see here to get the joke), "Why am I a knot and not just a tangled string?"], there is a bit of math in the form of the occult philosophy called "The Topology".

In fact, the mathematical branch of topology does indeed study knots. However, do not imagine that this mystery will serve as a textbook in storybook form. Rather, this story is more of an entertainment for the cogniscenti who already know it than a primer for those who don't.

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GenreMystery, Humorous,
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