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The Maxwell Equations (1969)
Anatoly Dnieprov
Highly Rated!

The math in this story seems very real, though the specifics of it are inconsequential to the plot. A mathematical physicist in an isolated city needs help finding a solution to a linearized version of Maxwell's equations, and he finds an offer for such help in a surprising ad in a newspaper. Going to the address listed in the paper, he finds that he is at the local insane asylum. Although this worries him, he is very pleased with the results: he shortly receives a package containing an absolutely brilliant, handwritten solution to the problem he posed. His theory that one of the residents at the asylum happens to be a great mathematician is shattered when he submits another question which is similarly answered, but in another person's handwriting. Eventually, he finds the truth, that a Nazi war criminal is working in the asylum on a method for taking ordinary people and making them into brilliant mathematicians (for the rest of their shortened lives) through electro-magnetic stimulation.
Originally published in Russian Science Fiction (edited by Robert Magidoff, 1969), this story was also reprinted in Mathenauts.

Contributed by shankar prasad

an excellent theme well knitted with characters

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Mathematical Content:
3.17/5 (6 votes)
Literary Quality:
4.5/5 (6 votes)

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