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As Above, So Below (2009)
Rudy Rucker
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Contributed by Vijay Fafat

An LSD of a story - in typical Rucker style - where a computer programmer working with the Mandelbrot set is visited upon by a living UFO in the form of the M-set; the UFO named Ma explains to him how she is the beginning and the end of all reality. To quote a beautiful sequence:

(quoted from As Above, So Below)

"You are a pattern in the potentially infinite computation that is the universe; and I am the actually infinite end of said computation. I am all space and all time. The world you live in is happening; my essence is what comes before and after your mundane time.”

“How long is the program that starts it all?”

“Two bits. One Zero.”

“What about all the details?”

“You‟d call it „screen wrap.‟ Patterns grow out and around and come back over themselves and make fringes. It adds up over the billions of years, especially when you remember that each point in space is updating the computation each instant. Each of those points is me; I‟m the rule that runs it all; and looked at the other way, I'm all the past and all the future.”

“I can totally dig it, Ma. The universe has a simple code and a long rich parallel computation. There are infinitely many size scales so in fact each orange or atom has everything inside it. Right on. What about uncertainty and Planck‟s constant, though. Is that a hassle for you, Ma?”

She got into a complex answer involving infinite-dimensional Hilbert space...

After some mishaps involving his wife and her paramour, the programmer is able to get back to being one with Ma, happy as a clam inside a crab can.

Appeared in Rucker's collection Gnarl! and available for free in PDF format at his website.

Contributed by Michael

Please note that there is another book with the same title "As Above, So Below" from Rudy Rucker, which contains a completely different story about the life of the painter Peter Bruegel. As far as I remember, this book doen't contain any mathematical ideas. ISBN 0-765-30403-1

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GenreScience Fiction,
TopicComputers/Cryptography, Chaos/Fractals,
MediumShort Stories, Available Free Online,

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