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The Geometry of Sisters (2009)
Luanne Rice

Young Beck hopes her mathematical skills will somehow bring back her dead father. Other reviewers have mostly complained that this novel does not work as the serious family drama it intends to be. From the mathematical point of view, I'm afraid it fares no better.

Rice seems to have some vague concept of what a limit is:

(quoted from The Geometry of Sisters)

"Okay," Lucy was saying to Beck, pushing her papr closer. Beck glanced down, saw a series of six thick, fat columns about a half-inch wide. "Limits and infinity, right? That's what we're dealing with. These big, ugly, clunky columns are limits"

"And these," Beck said as beside them she drew six elegant, thin lines, "are infinity."

But most of the mathematical content involves mention of "proofs of infinity" (whatever those are) or insipid and nonsensical lines like:

(quoted from The Geometry of Sisters)

Words get in the way. Numbers don't lie. We are two sisters add us up. Carrie + Beck = Us.


And now my mother's taking me away from them. Away from Carrie. Without Carrie, I'm less than a person. It's like subtracting one from one. That equals zero. Except, as all mathematicians know, there's really no such number as zero.

Thanks to Barry Cipra for bringing this book to my attention.

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