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The Shiloh Project (1993)
David R. Beaucage

This is a Christian science fiction novel with mathematical undertones written by an author with a doctorate in mathematics. In it, a Jewish math teacher falsely accused of sexually abusing a student travels through time and converses with biblical figures finding, among other things, support for the Christian faith.

One of the reviews of the book claims "He's written about faith without being preachy, love without being mushy, and math without being DULL." I guess each person is entitled to their own opinion. As I attempted to read the book, I found quite the opposite to be true. The book appears to be very amateurishly written, with the science fiction and romance elements being insipid and cliched. It may be difficult for anyone who does not share the author's religious views to read the book as it was quite `preachy'. Finally, as far as math goes, I think that what he writes is going to be meaningless to someone who doesn't already know a lot of math (what is a mathematically naive person to make of a brief description of multivalued logarithms from path integrals in the complex plane?) but not sufficiently original or eloquent to interest someone with real mathematical training.

Apparently the book was intended to be the first in a series called `Mathematicians in Love', but I have been unable to find a sequel.

Thanks to Vijay Fafat for bringing this book to my attention.

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