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The Twisted Heart (2009)
Rebecca Gowers

An English graduate student solves a 19th century murder mystery involving Charles Dickens with the help of her boyfriend, a mathematician.

This book is not yet available in the US and so I have not had a chance to read it. However, from reading reviews it appears that math (and the mathematician) do not play a large role here. However, it is notable that the author's brother, Timothy Gowers, has a Fields medal (considered by many to be the highest prize in mathematics). In his blog, Gowers plugs his sister's book by remarking on how realistic the mathematician character is, both in his talent and his sanity (in contrast to the Godlike but insane mathematicians who populate much of mathematical fiction.)

By all accounts, this book is well written and worth reading, despite being relatively non-mathematical. Thanks to Vijay Fafat for pointing out this book and Tim Gowers' blog to me.

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