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Family Ties (Episode: My Tutor) (1985)
Jace Richdale (Screenplay) / Sam Weisman (Director)

Contributed by John C. Konrath

I'm writing to bring your attention to a television episode for possible addition to your mathematical fiction website. The television show is "Family Ties" and the episode is entitled, "My Tutor". In this episode, Alex P. Keaton hires a mathematical prodigy to tutor him in non-Euclidean geometry. I submit it on the grounds that it's interesting to see the portrayal of the characteristically socially inept young mathematician. This episode can be viewed free of charge here.

Thank you, Mr. Konrath, for the suggestion. This certainly deserves to be included in the Mathematical Fiction database. I'd just like to add a few more points:

  • People may be interested to know that the prodigy is played by River Phoenix.
  • I dislike the suggestion that one must think irrationally to appreciate non-Euclidean geometry. Like any other area of mathematics, this subject is based on logic. The unusual definitions may be counter-intuitive, but are entirely sensible.
  • A party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of someone's tenure? Ha! That's the funniest thing in the show.

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MotifProdigies, Anti-social Mathematicians, Academia, Romance, Math Education,
MediumTelevision Series or Episode,

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