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What Are the Odds? (2006)
Justin Spitzer (writer) / Matthew Tritt (director)

Two extremely nerdy strangers who keep running into each other in New York City are surprised to learn that they both "study applied mathematics" and are attending the same conference on "stochastic processes and their applications". As they consider the seemingly low probability of this (computed on the graphing calculators they each happen to be carrying while sightseeing), the sense that they are "fated" for each other helps to spark romance, even when a more mundane explanation manifests itself.

It's a cute idea. This short film also includes some nice animated sequences featuring balls bouncing "randomly" around a pinball machine and meaningless mathematical notation. But the gibberish of the mathematical dialogue and the unbelievable nerdiness of the characters make it difficult for me to really enjoy.

The writer was quoted on the production company's website as saying: "I wanted to write a short play about what it would take to get the most cynical of people to come to the most romantic of conclusions. A good way to dramatize this seemed to be following two statisticians as they encounter each other repeatedly over the course of one day; at what point would the sheer unlikelihood of such a series of events make them turn from math to kismet? "

At the moment, at least, the entire video is available for free through "":

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