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A Calculated Demise (2007)
Robert Spiller
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A high school math teacher, Bonnie Pinkwater, solves the mystery surrounding the murder of a PE teacher, a student, and the family of the boy suspected in the killing.

This sequel to The Witch of Agnesi is actually a prequel in that it takes place prior to the earlier novel. (It is always interesting in these mystery series to see how many murders can take place around one amateur sleuth over their career without anyone becoming suspicious that they must somehow be involved!)

Like the earlier novel, the biography of a famous female mathematician serves as an inspiration for Pinkwater in solving the mystery . In this case, it is the Greek mathematician Hypatia whose murder in 415 AD is vaguely related to the problem. In addition, Venn diagrams are utilized and vague mathematical analogies involving the "squeeze theorem" in analysis are mentioned.

Unlike the previous novel, this one is not marketed as being for "young adults". And, it certainly is not as sexual innuendo and drug references are not only frequent but integral to the plot. Again, I consider this to be a solidly written book which will likely appeal to fans of the mystery genre who enjoy seeing a bit of math in what they read. The plot is arguably as good as the one in "Witch of Agnesi", although I think the writing was perhaps a bit rougher. And, as if in response to my request, it was a bit more mathematical. Two more books are planed for the series. I look forward to reading them and -- of course -- hope for even more math.

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