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G103 (2006)
Oliver Tearne (director)
Highly Rated!

This short film "shows a surreal day in the life of a mathematics undergraduate" taking the math course G103 at the University of Warwick. In fact, the Website makes it sound as if it is an informational film for potential students. For instance, the Website states "Many courses have regular assignments, which typically count for up to 15% of the course assesment. Usually students are engouraged to work together, but must submit their own work." But, do not think the film is anything like that. It is quite a bit more entertaining. For instance, when a student notices a mistake made by the instructor in the support class, it erupts into an all out (pantomime) battle.

I do not know whether this "documentary" will increase the enrollment or improve student quality at Warwick's Mathematics Institute, but watching it did make me wish I was there. It looks like a lot of fun!

Click here to watch the film or here to visit the Mathematics Institute's site.

Contributed by John C. Konrath

This short film is incredibly clever and exposes many truths of the college experience in a humorous way. Well worth the 20 minutes of time invested. Strongly recommended!

Contributed by Anonymous

Hilarious! Reminds me of my own time at uni.

More information about this work can be found at
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Mathematical Content:
4.83/5 (6 votes)
Literary Quality:
4.17/5 (6 votes)

MotifAcademia, Proving Theorems, Math Education,
TopicGeometry/Topology/Trigonometry, Analysis/Calculus/Differential,
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