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Conceiving Ada (1997)
Lynn Hershman-Leeson

Bizarre, low-budget film in which a female computer programmer from the 20th century accesses the memories of Ada Lovelace, the 19th century mathematician and daughter of the poet Lord Byron. The film shows her collaboration with mathematician Charles Babbage, but adds many fictional elements. As far as I know, their work did not involve an attempt to understand dreams or to enumerate the possible forms of life. I also have never heard that, out of jealousy, Babbage unreasonably claimed full credit for their collaborative work. Certainly, there was a great deal of sexism that would make it difficult for a woman to be a successful mathematician in 19th century England, but this film seems to exaggerate it even beyond what it was in order to make Ada into a martyr.

But then, perhaps it should be clear that this film is fiction and not history. At the end, the pregnant 20th century programmer travels back in time and offers to put Ada's knowledge and soul into her fetus so that she may have a chance to flourish to her full potential in the more egalitarian 21st century.

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As many of your readers may already know the ADA language or of it I am posting the official ADA website address to be viewed! There are many links to this language which was (or is?) a primary language used by DOD.

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Mathematical Content:
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1.33/5 (3 votes)

GenreHistorical Fiction, Science Fiction,
MotifGenius, Real Mathematicians, Female Mathematicians, Time Travel, Romance, Ada Lovelace,

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