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En busca de Klingsor (In Search of Klingsor) (1999)
Jorge Volpi

Contributed by Prof. Dr. José M. Pacheco

The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a young American physicist called Francis Bacon (sounds good). The idea is that this last one is looking for a supposed scientific advisor of Hitler during World War II -maybe Links could be the person-, and a lot of Math is spread along the book, e.g. Gödel, Truth and more. There is an erroneous quotation (at least in the Spanish edition) of Einstein's basic paper of 1905, where "Thermodynamics" is written instead of "Electrodynamics". It is a real thriller, and deep too.

Contributed by how

If you are interested in the great physicists of the 20th century, Nazi Germany, detective fiction and sex, then this book is wonderful!

Contributed by Octavio

I disliked this novel a lot, from the mathematical viewpoint. It is implicitly stated that any mathematician lacking of talent becomes a physicist or prefer physics-related research. Being "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" the main source of the mathematical ideas of Volpi (at least for this book), there are some slips, that I would consider as minor except for the narrator is a mathematician!

Aside from this, the plot is interesting but I think it became an unnecessarily long book. Even some hints about plot are given too early, spoiling some chapters.

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Adventure/Espionage,
MotifWar, Kurt Gödel,

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