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Round the Moon (1870)
Jules Verne
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Highly Rated!

This early science fiction novel about space travel (published originally in French, of course) contains two chapters with explicit (and very nice) mathematical content.

In Chapter 4 (A Little Algebra) the characters discuss the computations necessary for determining the initial speed necessary to complete their journey...and discover that the official computation was incorrect! It is a nice demonstration of the power and usefulness of mathematics. There is also mention of the non-integrabilty of the three body problem, the relationship between integral and differential calculus, and (at least a hint) of the fact that the body of mathematical knowledge is still growing.

Then, in Chapter 15 (Hyperbola or Parabola) , a discussion of the difference between these two geometric figures grows out of questions concerning their trajectory. The descriptions in terms of conic sections are very nice, as are the reactions of their "mathematically challenged" crew member.

Much thanks to Michel Lasvergnas for finding this work of mathematical fiction.

The book is available online (in both English and the original French) at many Websites. Click on the links above for one example.

Note that Verne wrote many other stories involving mathematics. See From the Earth to the Moon (a prequel of this work) and also Topsy-Turvy for a listing of several others.

Contributed by Tina Chang

Personally I loved the part where they described how things which are disposed of outside a spacecraft just continue alongside it. I really enjoyed this book when I was a kid.

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