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Solid Geometry (1976)
Ian McEwan
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This short story from McEwan's award winning first collection is about a man who learns some topology from his grandfather's journals...but not your average topology. He learns how to fold surfaces (like pieces of paper) until they disappear...and that's just the beginning!

After a failed attempt to make a TV version of this story in the 1970's (the story was deemed too "sexy" for the BBC) it was made into a short film starring Ewan McGregor in 2002. (Note added June 2004: The short film is now available for sale from

Contributed by Nelson Walker

I was very glad to find your website on Mathematical Fiction. I wanted to tell you about the short story "Solid Geometry" by Ian McEwan (written in the mid 1970s) - the short story is currently in the anthology "First Love, Last Rites". I just read this short story and I was surprised how closely it resembles the old 1940s short story "No-Sided Professor", which you have featured on your website. I have No-Sided Professor in one of my older sci-fi anthologies, and I have read the short story several times.

"Solid Geometry" is about a man discovering mathematical diagrams in a diary from the 1800s, and is able to fold sheets of paper which disappear; also people can be folded in a similar manner and disappear.

Contributed by Mikko

Very disturbing and intriguing short story. I recommend.

Contributed by Anonymous

A disturbing story that has stayed with me since I first read it thirty years ago.

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