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Antibodies (2000)
Charles Stross
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Contributed by "William E. Emba"

P vs NP is perhaps the greatest problem of theoretical computer science, and has attracted attention of a range of mathematicians, from logic to topology. It's one of the seven Clay Millennium Prize problems (click here). It also has connections with theoretical cryptography.

In "Antibodies", the discovery that P=NP (which is described with some plausible mathematical jargon) provokes a peculiar, frightened, and rather unexpected reaction. (But rather funny from outside.)

Contributed by Florian Mittag

I started reading Charles Stross a year ago and I can't stop. "Antibodies" is the first short story of him I've read so far and after finishing it last night I couldn't get to sleep because I was overwhelmed by the dozens of ideas that are packed into the last few pages.

The central idea of this story is that P = NP and that this discovery has huge consequences. As a student of informatics I was thrilled to see historical persons and theorems of math, which I only encountered in my theoretical lectures so far, in a SF-story. It also animated me to look for more information about the origins of computer science.

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GenreScience Fiction,
TopicComputers/Cryptography, Real Mathematics,
MediumShort Stories,

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