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The Next Dimension (1947)
Vladimir Karapetoff

"A Mathematical Play in Five Dialogs". Once again, we are treated to the Flatland notion of two-dimensional creatures pondering a "hypothetical" three dimensional existence. Many of the usual concerns are here ("How can we protect ourselves if a three dimensional creature could simply reach into our homes and take things without even disturbing the four walls?") but there is a good deal more mathematical sophistication than in most.

This work of Mathematical Fiction was published in the quarterly Yeshiva University journal Scripta Mathematica in the 1947 Volume XIII. Thanks to Sandro Caparrini (Torino, Italy) for pointing it out to me.

Contributed by Sarah-Marie Belcastro

"The story is incomplete! Only three of the five dialogs are printed, after which is written (To be continued. I searched subsequent issues of Scripta Mathematica, but found no followup; Google didn't find any reference to the ending; finally, I discovered that the Karapetoff died in 1948 (this was published in 1947) so perhaps he never completed the manuscript. He wrote another story, Are You Plus or Minus? published in the Saturday Evening Post, v200 #22 p.146, Nov 26, 1927, but I haven't had a chance to get it from microform at the library yet."

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