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The Wall of Darkness (1946)
Arthur C. Clarke
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Highly Rated!

Contributed by William E. Emba

In a universe consisting of one star and one planet, there is a mysterious impenetrable wall surrounding the entire planet in the deep freezing southlands. Two men, one with money, the other with building skills, engage in a long-term program to scale the wall and find out what's on the other side. The answer turns out to be mathematical. And rather upsetting.

Contributed by Anonymous

A very baffling tale; well written. Requires you to really stretch your mind and think "ouside the box"

Contributed by CHRIS Z RAMSAY

One of the most pleasing works of fiction I have ever encountered; the way in which it deals with the edge of the universe makes ones brain do a little twist, not unlike the Möbius strip which serves as an important symbol in the story.

Contributed by wladimir trabsky

Stunning, mind stretching piece of narrative art, using the mathematical achievement of dr Moebius

Contributed by Vijay Fafat

Another story which showcases a mysterious, one-sided wall is Robert Lowndes - “The Long Wall” (Stirring Science Stories, March 1942, as by Wilfred Owen Morley); also as a longer version: “Settler’s Wall, (nv) Startling Mystery Stories Fall 1968

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GenreScience Fiction,
MotifMobius Strip/Nonorientability,
MediumShort Stories,

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