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The Stargazers (1986)
Barbara Susan Lefever

Contributed by "William E. Emba"

An historical novel based on Mason and Dixon. (Includes references!) It was self-published in a first printing of 700, and a second printing of 200. The author is/was a member of the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors, which lists the book.

The author inserted some trigonometric calculations verbatim from Charles Mason's journal into the novel.

In addition, there is a humorous scene where young Jeremiah Dixon, upon getting a scholarship, is set upon by his steady girlfriend to do what he can at last afford to do, namely, get engaged and marry her. But Dixon is too much of a space cadet to figure out her meaning, and none of her feminine wiles can distract him from his mathematical studies. (As a matter of historical fact, the two never married, but they did end up living together.)

Contributed by Anonymous

I am a Civil Engineer in Chester County and bought the book a few years ago from the engineers society news letter. I enjoyed the book and learned a lot of history. I read it again last month and loaned it to friends and they both read it and thought it great. I an in the process of looking for the stargazer rock this weekend. I understand it is still there.

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