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The Story of Yung Chang (1900)
Ernest Bramah (Ernest Bramah Smith)
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Before the invention of multiplication tables, a Chinese idol merchant must sell his wares individually, even if someone wishes to purchase a large amount, since he has no way to determine how much money someone would owe if they purchase many idols. So, the clever Yung Chang presents him with a multiplication table to win the hand of the merchant's beautiful daughter in marriage. Of course, it takes some work for Yung Chang to convince the merchant that this "discovery" will actually do what he claims, but as he explains, "the method is regulated by a system of squares, triangles, and cubes", and besides, it was discovered by him as he worshipped at the tomb of his ancestors!

Unfortunately, it turns out that the table is not quite accurate. Like a certain computer chip that I recall, Yung Chang's table seems correct since it works fine for the numbers that the merchant has to deal with in most situations at first. But, when his business improves as a result of the table, it sends his sales figures up into the range of the table where the "bug" lives, with disasterous consequences!

This story was published in the collection "The Wallet of Kai Lung". Several copies of this book should be available online, though I'm having trouble finding a STABLE address. Try or for a "plain vanilla text" file use the Gutenberg version.

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Humorous,
TopicAlgebra/Arithmetic/Number Theory, Mathematical Finance,
MediumShort Stories, Available Free Online,

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