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Galileo (1938)
Bertolt Brecht

Of course, Brecht's biographical play takes more of a political than a mathematical view of the life of the famous astronomer/mathematician. Note that Joseph Losey, who directed the first American production ot this play in 1947, also made a film version which you can read about here.

Contributed by mary

I read this work in the orginal german and found that math was not the center point of the work, but rather a main theme. Brecht uses the idea of math and science to define his view of humanity. Remember the ending was changed after the use of the atom bomb. The orginal ending was one that displayed Galileo as a hero of sorts. He goes against the Pope, and continues to do his studies. But the ending was changed to show him as a coward, and partially to blame for the fall of humanity. Also keep in mind that Brecht was known to have communist ties. But this work of lit. is a masterpiece, even though it doesn't have math as its central point, but rather as the underlying theme.

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