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Conversations on Mathematics with a Visitor from Outer Space (1998)
David Ruelle
Note: This work of mathematical fiction is recommended by Alex for math majors, math grad students (and maybe even math professors) and hardcore fans of science fiction.

As the title implies, this is a description of (presumably fictional) discussions that the author had with an alien about mathematics and, in particular, the way that Earth mathematics differs from the more advanced alien mathematics. The famous mathematical physicist David Ruelle wrote this piece with the apparent goal of demonstrating the extent to which peculiarities of the human mind have shaped our view of mathematics. It can be found both on the mp_arc archive and in the book Mathematics: Frontiers and Perspectives which was published as part of "World Mathematics Year 2000".

Contributed by Charles R Greathouse IV

This is certainly far more mathematical than even most mathematical fiction: mathematics is the subject matter rather than window-dressing. It concerns in particular mathematical practice rather than what axioms might be supposed or what things might be judged of interest, so insights 'from outside' of one type only. It is short, well-written, and interesting in its own peculiar way.

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2/5 (2 votes)

GenreScience Fiction, Didactic,
TopicReal Mathematics,
MediumShort Stories,

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