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Crash Course in Romance (2023)
Je Won Yu (director) / Hee-Seung Yang (writer)

A grocery store owner and a "celebrity" math teacher fall in love in this South Korean TV series. Each episode’s title is mathematical, and we get to see Choi Chi-yeol being treated like a rock star for teaching math. Other than that, it really is a romance and not particularly about math.

It probably is true that math teachers in South Korea get more respect (and perhaps even fame) than they do in my country (the USA). However, I am guessing that Chi-yeol’s celebrity status in this show is exaggerated for the sake of humor. (E.g. His face is seen throughout the city on billboards, he appears in TV commercials that make him look like an action hero, and his female students literally swoon over him.)

Chi-Yeol also is suffering from malnutrition because he cannot tolerate most food. At first, he and grocery store owner Nam Haeng-seon form a practical relationship based on the coincidence that he thrives on the prepared dishes that she sells at her store and that her daughter desperately wants to be one of his students. But, it soon blossoms into a romance. That causes a public scandal because it is seen as an illicit affair between a teacher and one of his students' mothers. But then the public realizes that Haeng-seon is not really the girl's biological mother, but is actually only her aunt who adopted her and her "Aspie" brother. Apparently, that makes everything okay! (After that, the series takes a more serious turn when the daughter is left in a coma as the victim of a hit-and-run, which may not even have been an accident.)

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