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Do Androids Dream of Symmetric Sheaves?: And Other Mathematically Bent Stories (2023)
Colin Adams
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This is another collection from the humor column "Mathematically Bent" which Adams writes for the Mathematical Intelligencer. As I wrote in my entry for "Riot at the Calc Exam" (and which is equally true of this new anthology as well):

Contributed by Alex Kasman

I am not listing each of these stories separately on the website. In part, this is because some of them really do not quite qualify as "fiction" as I've narrowly defined that term for these purposes. Many of them, instead, are really just drawn out mathematical jokes. But, even those are worth reading. With his "bent" look at the subject we study and the academic environment in which we work, Adams' writings are sure to simultaneously entertain and inform readers from any background with even a passing interest in mathematics.

(Thanks to Allan Goldberg for suggesting I add this book to the list.)

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