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Kepler: A Novel (1981)
John Banville
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Johannes Kepler, the most famous Rennaissance court mathematician, is remembered today for his successes, especially his explicit description of planetary orbits. However, he also had some rather strange ideas which are rarely mentioned. (One that I remember is his explanation of why there are only 6 planets in terms of Platonic solids.)

This novel of historical fiction seeks to understand Kepler and his motivations. The author has done the same for several other historical figures and has a reputation for being able to do it well! As I write this (June 2000) I have not yet read this novel myself but have every reason to expect that it is well done. If you have read it, please write to me with more details (thanks!)

"Kepler is a magnificent novel, it makes for a fascinating read, especially after Banville's other piece on Copernicus which is equally riveting. He is without doubt, one of the finest literary talents to have emerged from Ireland in the last 40 years." (Contributed by anonymous.)

Contributed by Anonymous

The Revolution trilogy it's an excelent novel, where Copernicus and Kepler are men, more than astronomers or mathematicians. From a narratological point of view, the book is a very good example of modern (postmodern) writing.

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