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Gentzen oder: Betrunken aufräumen [Gentzen or Cleaning Up Drunk] (2021)
Dietmar Dath
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In this work of modern literary fiction, the author appears as a character who is trying to write a novel about the mathematician Gerhard Gentzen. Together with two other colleagues, he tries to get a better understanding of this logician who worked on questions of the foundations of mathematics.

The blurbs for the book bemoan the fact that Gentzen is largely forgotten. He is certainly not completely forgotten. But, even if some people think he deserves more recognition, it is not difficult to find or sympathize with reasons for his relative lack of prominence today. He was an active supporter of the Nazis from 1933 until his death in a Soviet prison camp in Prague in 1945.

Although the choice of Gentzen as a subject for a work of fiction in 2021 is unusual, the fact that the book is rather strange in many ways should not be surprising to anyone who knows about the author. And, Dath does not disappoint in this regard. For example, in this novel which spans decades from Gentzen's lifetime all the way through 2035, one scene has Gentzen explaining his mathematical results to Lady Gaga!

I have not actually read this novel yet, but based on the the blurb from the publisher, I get the feeling that the book suggests that we have Gentzen to thank for the wonders of the internet. In my opinion, that is not an accurate statement. And while exaggerating the modern impact of the research of individual historical mathematicians in works of mathematical fiction is not uncommon, for me this particular instance crosses the line between being merely questionable over to being unacceptable.

I am grateful to Thomas Riepe for bringing this book to my attention.

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Science Fiction,
MotifReal Mathematicians, War,
TopicComputers/Cryptography, Logic/Set Theory,

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