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Pythagoras the Mathemagician (2010)
Karim El Koussa

This novel concerns the ancient Greek mathematician to whom we generally attribute the theorem relating the lengths of the sides of a right triangle. However, it focuses much more on his religious, mystical, and philosophical teachings than on his math.

It is often difficult with historical fiction to tell what his fact and what is a creation of the author's imagination. I would like to warn readers of this book that very little is actually known about Pythagoras. Fortunately, unlike some other works of historical fiction, the author has included footnotes with some additional information about his sources. But, I still urge readers to be remember that this book is a work of fiction and not itself a historical source or a peer reviewed work of scholarship.

If I am understanding the publication history correctly, then this book was first self-published in 2005. However, the current rules I am using for this website require me to only consider it to have been published in 2010 when it was picked up by Sunbury Press. Thanks to Vijay Fafat for bringing it to my attention.

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