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Los crímenes de Alicia [The Alice Murders / The Oxford Brotherhood] (2019)
Guillermo Martinez
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In this award-winning sequel to The Oxford Murders, logician Arthur Seldom and his graduate student "G" must again solve a mysterious crime. This time, the motive seems to involve the nude photos that mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson took of young girls in the 19th century. The existence of those photos is not speculation or fiction but, sadly and uncomfortably, a fact. He even took nude photos of Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Dodgson's most famous work, Alice in Wonderland which he wrote under the pseudonym "Lewis Carroll". Whether we should now consider him to have been guilty of sexual abuse of minors or whether such behavior was truly innocent at that time is a subject of some controversy, and I assume this is addressed.

Because the plot truly revolved around the mathematics, The Oxford Murders certainly was a work of mathematical fiction. But, is this one? The author, the two primary investigators and the photographer behind the pictures at the center of the crime are all mathematicians. I do not actually know if there is any more math in the novel than that. Though I have been waiting patiently for it to be published in the United States so that I could read it, so far I have not been able to obtain a copy. It has already been widely distributed in the original Spanish and it appears to have been recently released (as "The Oxford Brotherhood") in the U.K.

If you have read the book and can comment on whether it has any other mathematical content, please write to let me know. Thanks!

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