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The New Warriors (Issue #4) (1990)
Fabian Nicieza (writer) / Mark Bagley (artist)

The New Warriors were a team of Marvel superheroes whose enemies included the psychic mathematical genius known as Mathemanic. Mathemanic first appeared in issue #4 (October 1990) but also appeared in many more issues of The New Warriors as well as a few other comic books. Unfortunately, this does not quite fit the scheme I've been using in this website where the focus is on a work of fiction that is mathematical not a recurring mathematical character. But, anyway...

Mathemanic was an MIT math student named Thomas Sorenson who (out of curiosity) enrolled in a genetic experiment that produced a team of super-villains known as Psionex. Mathemanic's own powers initially consisted of being able to alter the number sense of the people around him. For instance, by making the hero he was fighting aware of interstellar distances, he rendered his opponent incapable of perceiving things on the normal human scale and therefore unable to fight. These seem like relatively lame powers. Later was able to turn his psychic powers inward and use equations to give himself some control of the laws of physics themselves.

It is worth noting that Mathemanic was less evil than the rest of Psionex, usually being more amoral than immoral. He exhibits other mathematician stereotypes including being absent-minded and having absolutely no fashion sense.

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