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Proof Geometric Construction Can Solve All Love Affairs (2017)
Takahashi Manbou (lyricist) / Ane Manbou (illustrator)
Highly Rated!

This is not a short story or novel or movie, it is a music video by Japanese musician "Manbo-p" (featuring manga-style illustrations by his sister). As the title implies, it is a romance in which a boy wins the love of his longtime crush using geometry (mostly straight edge and compass constructions).

I am not certain whether I am listing this entry in my "Mathematical Fiction" database properly, or even whether I should be listing it at all. It certainly does not fit easily into my current categorization scheme. If you have corrections or an opinion about whether this entry should be deleted from the database, please let me know. Thanks to Zin Li for bringing it to my attention.

Contributed by John R. Drum

I say definitely keep the music video on the page. I found it because of your posting and loved it. I also think it might make a good video for interested high school students as it explains fairly well basic constructions.

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