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Murmur (2019)
Will Eaves

A novel about a character whose story is clearly closely modeled on the life of Alan Turing. Like Turing, Alec Pryor is a British mathematician whose worldview is shaped by a childhood romance with a boy who died at an early age, who considers marrying a female mathematician at Bletchley Park where he works during the war, and who is later arrested and punished for being homosexual. In fact, the story is so very close to the true story of Alan Turing, I have to wonder why the names were changed. Perhaps it is because Eaves really intends to investigate not the recorded history but the deepest inner-thoughts of the protagonist and feels that this can only be done if the character is not Alan Turing himself but someone else with the same biography.

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GenreHistorical Fiction,
MotifWar, Turing,

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