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Pröfung läuft: Eine Erzählung in n Testabschnitten (2018)
Dietmar Dath
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This short story which appeared in the January 2018 issue of the German magazine Konkret is more about politics/economics than math, but it features frequent high level discussions of mathematical logic and probability.

In regards to logic, the question of whether the difference between capitalism and socialism is essentially a matter of the selection of alternative axioms is addressed using the terminology of model theory. Much is made of the differing interpretations of Kolmogorov in which events have a fixed probability and the more modern Bayesian approach in which probabilities are constantly varying quantities representing our knowledge (or lack of it).

The story was difficult for me to understand, and that may not only be because I was reading a garbled automatic translation of an OCR'ed scan. The subtitle translates to something like "A narrative in n test sections". It seems to be a story about a test to determine how socialist someone is...or perhaps the story is itself such a test.

Thanks to Hauke Reddmann for sending it my way!

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