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Uniform Convergence: A One-Woman Play (2016)
Corrine Yap

This play about race, gender and math was written and first performed by Corrine Yap when she was a math/theater double major at Sarah Lawrence College. It has evolved and changed and continued to be performed now that she is a graduate student. The production that I saw was at MathFest 2018 in Denver, CO.

In the play, Yap portrays two different characters: an Asian American professor teaching a class in real analysis and the historical mathematician Sophia Kovalevkaya.

During the contemporary scenes, the professor begins by speaking to the audience as if they were the students in the class -- discussing the syllabus, defining uniform convergence, etc. -- but the dialogue is always diverted into emotional outbursts about the specific prejudices she faces and about the human tendency to put things (even people) into convenient "boxes".

Kovalevskaya is shown writing to Weierstrass and trying to find a job, a task made unreasonably difficult because of the prejudices against women in mathematics (and perhaps prejudices against Russians as well).

The play is artfully done and contains many interesting observations about the human condition presented through mathematical analogies.

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GenreHistorical Fiction,
MotifReal Mathematicians, Female Mathematicians, Sonya Kovalevskaya,
TopicAnalysis/Calculus/Differential, Real Mathematics,

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