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The Hurricane (2016)
R.J. Prescott

A British novel in which a shy math student, damaged by her past, begins an unlikely romance with a powerful boxer. "Hurricane" O'Connell is handsome, muscular, and dangerous, but also happens to be madly in love with a woman who just wants to "keep her head down" and earn a degree in "applied maths at UCL". IMHO, his character is clearly designed to be the fantasy of many potential readers of this romance novel. However, visitors to this Website may be more interested in Emily McCarthy, who says:

(quoted from The Hurricane)

I'd breezed an access course in accounting over the summer, but my heart was in the maths. It was clean and pure and in my world of grey, it was black and white. If I had any chance at building a future then I needed qualifications.

She also says things like:

(quoted from The Hurricane)

I didn't have the words to tell him that I felt the same. If only maths was a language, you could speak, I'd be a poet.

"I love you, O'Connell," I told him.

"I love you, too, baby."

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