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Ultima lezione a Gottinga [Last lecture at Göttingen] (2009)
Davide Osenda

This beautifully illustrated comic book presents a professor's last lecture to a (nearly) empty auditorium as the Nazi's begin to gather the city's Jews outside. It is perhaps a stretch to call this "fiction"; there is not much of a plot. Mostly, it is simply a very good lecture on the subject of infinity with appropriate references to Cantor, Gödel, and Hilbert. After the lecture, the story continues in two additional chapters as the one audience member escapes and ends in 1963 with Paul Cohen's proof of the undecidability of the Continuum Hypothesis.

The author (contact) has made this work available through a Creative Commons license. Consequently, you can probably find copies of it in the original Italian around for free on the Internet. Moreover, he has provided me with an English translation of the first chapter with permission to distribute it on this site. Click here to download it..

I am grateful to Francesca Ceragioli for recommending it. I also would like to thank the author for additional information and for making the English translation of the first chapter freely available.

More information about this work can be found at
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Mathematical Content:
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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2.5/5 (2 votes)

GenreHistorical Fiction, Didactic,
MotifAcademia, Real Mathematicians, Kurt Gödel,
TopicInfinity, Logic/Set Theory,
MediumGraphic Novel/Comic Book/Manga,

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