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The Bed and the Bachelor (2011)
Tracy Anne Warren

Although it involves cryptography and the Napoleonic wars, this novel is really more of a romance than it is historical fiction or espionage.

Sebastianne Dumont is the daughter of a French mathematician and an English woman. To save her family from French kidnappers, she is supposed to use the math she learned from her father and the accent she learned from her mother to steal secrets from British mathematician Lord Drake. Unsurprisingly, lust and romance interfere with those plans:

(quoted from The Bed and the Bachelor)

She shot him a look, then turned to dunk the plate in clean water. "He's still brilliant, just not as focused as he used to be. He's working on prime-number theory at the moment. It would be a great kindness if you would consult with him a bit. It would make him happy."

"Prime-number theory? It sounds as if you speak with some familiarity."

She shrugged and washed a cup. "Papa taught me what he could, and I understand a fair amount of mathematics. But I'm no theoretical mathematician. I haven't the patience for it or the singular turn of mind."

He couldn't help but laugh. "Is that what it is? My family calls it drifting off and not paying attention."

"But you are paying attention, just not to them."

She smiled, and he smiled back.

His chest tightened, nerve endings humming with sudden awareness. She looked so lovely, even in a faded brown cotton dress with her hair pinned haphazardly around her face. If he let himself, he could drown in her whiskey-colored eyes, die for a taste of her sweet, strawberry pink lips...

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Romance,
MotifWar, Female Mathematicians, Romance,
TopicComputers/Cryptography, Algebra/Arithmetic/Number Theory,

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