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Morte di un matematico napoletano (1992)
Mario Martone (director)

Contributed by Nicola Ciccoli

"This movie describes the last day in [the] life of a famous Italian mathematician: Renato Caccioppoli. He was a fascinating and discussed person in Naples' political and cultural life. [A] member of the Italian Communist Party, he claimed himself to have the anarchist Bakunin [among] his ancestors. During the fascist period he was [incarcerated in a mental hospital]. He [committed] suicide. The movie contains some nice colloquia between him and his collaborators about mathematics and the beginning of one of his lessons (which he gave drunk: something happening in his last period) with a complete (and correct) proof of a calculus theorem at the blackboard. Some mathematicians from Naples University were contacted by the director."

Note Added May 2011: My colleague, Annalisa Calini, has pointed out to me that this movie is currently available (in its entirety and in its original language) on YouTube at

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MotifMental Illness, Academia, Real Mathematicians,
TopicAnalysis/Calculus/Differential, Real Mathematics,
MediumFilms, Available Free Online,

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