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Der Rechenmeister [aka The Mathematician] (1999)
Dieter Jörgensen

Contributed by Bernd Schulze

When I browsed through your list I found one book missing that I have in my library: "Der Rechenmeister" by Dieter Jörgensen is a novel describing the life of Niccolo Tartaglia in Venice and his battle with Girolamo Cardano about the solution of the cubic equation. There is no formula in the text but a good description of what the problem is and how it was solved.

The book appeared 1999 as hardcover, my paperback edition is from 2001 and has ISBN 3-7466-1704-9. A short lookup at amazon shows that there is a a french edition that seems to be still in print ("Le Maitre des nombres", 2859498282), but the english editions (0060185333 or 0060933437 - note that the author is written here as "Jorgensen" and not with an umlaut) seem to be out of print.

Please continue your work with that list - I hope I will find a lot of interesting stuff to read!

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GenreHistorical Fiction,
MotifReal Mathematicians,
TopicAlgebra/Arithmetic/Number Theory, Real Mathematics,

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