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Bianca (1984)
Nanni Moretti (director and screenplay)

A math teacher (played by Nanni Moretti himself) has odd obsessions and compulsions in this film, including his crush on colleague Bianca. Although his anti-social behavior seems to be destroying his chances with her, she does come to his rescue when he is accused of having murdered two of his good friends by offering a false alibi to the police. In the end, however, it turns out that he did murder them because their behavior did not fit with his notion of orderliness.

By all accounts, this is a very interesting and well made film, full of both symbolism and humor. (I say "by all accounts" because, I'm afraid, I have not seen it myself.) So, I do hope to be able to see it someday. However, I am both tired and worried by the stereotype of the dangerously insane mathematician that appears with great frequency in fiction. Do enjoy this film but please keep in mind that in reality there is no increased rate of either insanity or violent behavior in math professors and teachers as compared to professors and teachers in other disciplines!

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GenreMystery, Humorous,
MotifEvil mathematicians, Anti-social Mathematicians, Insanity, Academia,

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