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Through the Gates of the Silver Key (1934)
H.P. Lovecraft / E. Hoffmann Price
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Contributed by Jody Trout, Dartmouth.

"We read of the fantastic travels of the dreamer and mystic Randolph Carter as he arrives at the Ultimate Gate separating the parallel dimensions and alternate realities of the Universe. The Gate is guarded by the strange beings known as the Ancient Ones, who reveal the true higher-dimensional reality of the world. In the end, Randolph transmutates into an insectoid version of himself from another time and space...."

It was first published in the July 1934 issue of Weird Tales.

Contributed by Alex Elder

"Considering it was written in collaboration it strikes me that, (when compared to other Lovecraft) that the 'Math' is the work of the collaborative artist. The work is a bit neo-platonist, i.e. contrast Plato's Timaeus and the stuff written about intersecting solids and also the concept of the ideal carter outside space time. This contrasts to the quite nihilistic and decadent tone in the text as well (see Pickman's model amongst others). The Multidimensionality of Carter's existence is profound, the final literary explosion could have been Lovecraft setting up chattering polylogues between the Carter-facets, linking up the text rhizomatically. Maths? I don't know much about maths!"

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