Tentative Schedule

The Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop XII organizers currently plan to follow the schedule shown in the table below. Titles, abstracts, and a final schedule will be posted at least one month prior to the conference date.

Friday May 14, 2020
1:00-1:50pmWangSSMB 129
2:00-2:50pmOrrSSMB 129
3:00-3:30pmCoffee BreakSSMB 129
3:30pm-5:00pmContributed TalksSSMB 129
5:30-7:30pmReceptionBlacklock House
Saturday May 15, 2020 (Ben Cox Day)
8:30-9:20FutornySSMB 129
9:30-10:00Coffee BreakSSMB 129
10:00-10:50JakelicSSMB 129
11:00-11:50ZhaoSSMB 129
12:00-2:00Lunch Break(your choice)
2:00-2:50AnguelovaSSMB 129
3:00-3:30Coffee Break SSMB Atrium
3:30-5:00Contributed Talks SSMB 129
Sunday May 17, 2020
8:30-9:20YakimovSSMB 129
9:30-10:00Coffee Break SSMB Atrium
10:00-10:50BakalovSSMB 129
11:00-11:50HongSSMB 129


SSMB=School of Sciences and Mathematics Building (202 Calhoun Street, #11 on campus map)
Blacklock House=Reception Location (18 Bull Street, #64 on campus map)