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(Note: This page not the entire list of works of Mathematical Fiction. To see the whole list, click here.)

Confusions of Young Torless (1906)
Robert Musil
A semi-autobiographical novel set in a military academy in a desolate corner of the Austro-Hungarian empire, is the story of the intellectual awakening of an intelligent adolescent, and contains several... (more)
The Man Without Qualities Vol. 1: A Sort of Introduction and Pseudo Reality Prevails (1930)
Robert Musil
The hero of this landmark of Modernism is a mathematician. The author, Austrian Robert Musil, studied mathematics and philosophy in college. "Life-changing view of how to live. The finest work... (more)
The Mathematical Man (1913)
Robert Musil
Robert Musil's "The mathematical Man" is an essay, but it is fiction! Musil uses the foundational crisis of mathematics to draft a new kind of fiction, modern fiction, later realized in "The Man without Qualities".... (more)

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