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Message Found in a Copy of Flatland (1983)
Rudy Rucker
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This is the story that answers the age old question: "What if Flatland was in the basement of a Pakistani restaurant in London?". The answer is scarier than you might think, especially when you realize that someone might trick you into entering Flatland yourself without your own best interests in mind. The math here is just the usual "2-dimensional slices of 3-dimensional objects" thing that we've seen many times before, but it is an interesting story well told.
First appeared in the collection The 57th Franz Kafka by Rucker and later republished in the math fiction collection Mathenauts. Moreover, as of this writing it is available for free at the author's Website.

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Mathematical Content:
3.33/5 (3 votes)
Literary Quality:
3.33/5 (3 votes)

GenreHumorous, Science Fiction,
MotifHigher/Lower Dimensions,
MediumShort Stories, Available Free Online,

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