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Gauntlet (2009)
Richard Aaron

Autistic mathematician, Hamilton Turbee, helps stop a terrorist plot.

The book has received praise for its portrayal of an autism and as a thriller. Of course, I like to see mathematicians portrayed as heroes in fiction, and Turbee is a very likable character who uses mathematics to fight evil. Mathematically speaking, however, impressive words are tossed around without much meaning. Turbee is said to "distract himself by mentally solving five-dimensional Fourier transform equations". And in a discussion which his colleagues he says

(quoted from Gauntlet)

There's this big betting pool in Las Vegas on how big the crater will be, and I've been able to apply some discrete fluid mechanics equations to the vectors...

In a rare moment when the mathematics was actually relevant, Turbee points out that a ship has not followed the path of a great circle, which is "the closest distance" [sic] between two points on a sphere.

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MotifAnti-social Mathematicians, Autism,

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