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Gauß, Eisenstein, and the ``third'' proof of the Quadratic Reciprocity Theorem: Ein kleines Schauspiel (1994)
Reinhard C. Laubenbacher / David J. Pengelley

Contributed by Vijay Fafat

It is presented as a dialogue/drama between Gauss and Eisenstein, talking about the third proof of Gauss's reciprocity theorem (perhaps the actors are supposed to draw symbols in the air to make the proof even more accessible to the general audience :-) ). The final line is quite nice, where Eisenstein muses, "I wonder if Gauss already had my geometric view of his transformations when he published his third proof in 1808, and if the old fox has merely been humoring me all along in our conversation."

Originally published as Mathematical Intelligencer 16 (1994), 67-72, but now available free online.

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