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A New Golden Age (1981)
Rudy Rucker
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In this story, and in our world as well, mathematicians lament the fact that legislators cannot sufficiently appreciate mathematics and that this adversely affects the funding of their science. To address this problem, one of the mathematicians in the story creates a device called the Moddler. It can be used to experience the thoughts of a great mathematician considering their greatest theorems, giving the user the momentary feeling of understanding and appreciating the results. An attempt to read the original papers after using the Moddler confirms that it does not actually give one any real understanding of the concepts. Still, the mathematicians find that they love using it to get some appreciation of results that were always beyond them. Finally, the legislators are convinced to try the Moddler, but the consequences are not exactly what the mathematicians had wished. Apparently, the moral of the story is that we should be glad that legislators do not appreciate mathematics, because if they did we might find we do not agree with their taste!

Though this story was originally published in the alumni magazine of Randolph-Macon Women's College, it has since appeared in the collections Mathenauts (edited by the author) and Imaginary Numbers, and now is also available for free at the author's Website.

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