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The Long Chalkboard (2006)
Jenny Allen / Jules Feiffer (Illustrator)
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Contributed by "William E. Emba"

Allen's book is a collection of three short-short stories spread out over book length with illustrations on every page, in the usual style of children's literature, complete with charmingly simple morals about what's really important in life. The target audience seems to be aging yuppies. The main attraction is certainly the illustrations by her husband, famed cartoonist Jules Feiffer. Indeed, the book classifies itself as a "Graphic Novel", and I personally discovered this book in a comic book store, next to their Asterix and Tintin books. But because of the extreme brevity of the stories, the three stories read more like HAPPINESS IS A WARM PUPPY with a plot than a genuine graphic novel.

The mathematical content is limited to the first story, "The Long Chalkboard", about an apartment with one spacious room that one tenant fills with a long chalkboard in order to encourage the creativity of her children. That doesn't happen, but the next tenant's teenage son is a mathematical whiz, who puts the chalkboard to glorious use. And as a bonus, Feiffer illustrated the chalkboard with real mathematical formulas instead of the usual silly jumble of letters and digits and plus signs that are typically passed off as mathematical genius at work.

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