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Echoes from the Past (2006)
Edward Michel-Bird

A young mathematics professor becomes involved in a mystery and a love affair when the identity of his true biological father is called into question. No mathematical ideas or results are discussed in detail. (A few times we hear mention of the protagonist's research, but not enough for us to even figure out what field he is in.) But, the idea that mathematicians like nice, clean answers to problems and are less comfortable with messy reality is a character trait which helps to shape the plot:

(quoted from Echoes from the Past)

"It's party my fault, too, my weakness. I've never been able to resist a challenge, or a situation that begs for a solution. My passion for pure mathematics," he whispered, "my relentless research, demanded that no problem must ever be left unsolved. I have always felt it was my duty to push on to the bitter end. Only then did I feel satisfied."

For the first time he realized that the challenge Mr. Swanson had handed him -- much like the dream that Annabelle inspired -- did not lend itself to neat and tidy formulas.

"This is life, not math," he told himself. "I shall have to learn to handle such matters in a different way."

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