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The Difference Engine (1991)
William Gibson / Bruce Sterling
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Two of the innovators of the cyberpunk novel -- famous for showing how messed up the future will be because of technology -- turn everything around and show us instead how great the past would have been with computers. In this "alternate reality", mathematicians Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace succeed where their counterparts in our world failed: actually making a computer.

(quoted from The Difference Engine)

"Ada had an insight once that ranked with Descartes' discovery. No one has found a use for it as yet. It's what they call pure mathemaitcs." Mick laughed. "`Pure.' You know what that means, Sybil? It means they can't get it to run." He rubbed his hands together, grinning. "No one can get it to run."

Contributed by Frankie

I especially liked that Lady Ada's mathematical discovery is actually Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem.

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